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Water Activated Bathing Cloths


Available in 6-packs or 36-packs

Looking for single packs?

When conventional bathing isn't an option, try these thick, pretreated bathing wipes. Just wet, wash and towel or air dry – no rinse required! Great for everything from caregiving to camping.

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The Pharma-C Company Water Activated Bathing Cloths

When conventional bathing isn’t an option, try these disposable, water-activated bathing wipes. Each pack contains 10 pretreated cloths; use one at a time to clean messes from faces or hands, or activate the entire pack for a full-body bathing experience. Simply wet the cloth or cloths, wash, and towel dry (if desired) – no rinsing required. Perfect for home health care or on-the-go cleansing, whether camping, hiking, post-workout or just when you need to feel fresh!

  • No Rinse Required: Just wet and wash – no sticky residue or tacky feeling left behind.
  • Skin Nourishing: Pretreated bathing wipes are enriched with aloe and vitamin E.
  • Just Add Water: To activate, wet one cloth at a time or the entire pack.
  • Gentle & Safe: Great for all skin types and ages – from babies to the elderly.
  • Hospital Tested: Proven to reduce cross-contamination when cleaning multiple body parts.


Whole Pack

  1. Run faucet to get a gentle, steady stream of water at the desired temperature. Peel open pack and fill with 12 ounces of water, or to a count of 5 seconds. Wipes will absorb the water. If there is any remaining liquid in the pack, drain.
  2. Reseal and massage the pack for 15 seconds, making sure to wet all areas of the cloths, as this activates them for use.
  3. Reopen and begin cleaning.

Single Cloth

  1. ​​Remove one cloth from the pack.
  2. Run under warm water to saturate.
  3. Massage cloth to activate.
  4. Begin cleaning.


  • Use one cloth for each area of the body: 1. Face, Neck and Chest, 2. Right Arm, 3. Left Arm, 4. Right Leg, 5. Left Leg, 6. Back, ​7. Buttocks, 8. Perineum.
    Note: Two extra cloths are available in the pack.
  • No rinsing required. Dry with a soft towel, if needed.
  • Dispose of used wipes in designated container. Do not flush.
  • To avoid contamination, do not reuse wipes on any part of the body.
  • Do not rewet wipes.
  • Do not save any wet wipes, even if they are unused.


​Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E Acetate, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

Safety Information

  • Do not microwave.
  • Be sure to test temperature for excessive heat before use. Remember gloves can diminish your sensitivity to heat.
  • Closely monitor heat levels of the water with unresponsive or skin-sensitive individuals.
  • Do not leave in tub or shower.
  • Do not save any wet cloths.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Use as frequently as needed when conventional bathing is not available or recommended.
Package Count:
10 cloths per container
Item Quantity:
Available in 6- or 36-pack cases
Package Description:
Plastic packaging
Item Description:
Scented, pretreated sheets; low-lint synthetic fiber

Use one cloth for each area of the body: 

1. Face, Neck and Chest

2. Right Arm

3. Left Arm

4. Right Leg

5. Left Leg

6. Back

​7. Buttocks

8. Perineum

Note: Two extra cloths are available in the pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t need to use the whole pack at once, can I use the cloths individually?

If you only need to use one or a few cloths at a time, remove each cloth individually from the pack, run it under warm water briefly to saturate, massage it to activate and begin cleaning. You do not need a lot of water on individual cloths, so get the cloth wet enough that you can massage the water through it and you will begin to see it foaming, which means you have added enough water.

Is the formula in these bathing cloths safe to use all over the body?

Yes, Pharma-C-Wipes Water-Activated Bathing Cloths can be used on all areas of the body. We recommend that you use the cloths in the following order, starting bathing at the top of the body and working your way down: (1) Face, Neck and Chest, (2) Right arm, (3) Left Arm, (4) Right Leg, (5) Left Leg, (6) Back, (7) Buttocks, (8) Perineum.

Can I use these wipes for purposes other than as a full body bathing system?

Absolutely – there are a number of other uses! Other Pharma-C-Wipes users have shared with us that they keep these cloths in their car for quick clean-ups on the go. We have customers who keep these in their gym bags to quickly freshen up after a workout. They are also great for camping and other outdoor activities that may cause you to have limited access to water, as you can simply use a water bottle to wet the cloths. The rinse-free formula means you won’t be left with a sticky or tacky feeling on your skin after using them.

I cannot remember when I purchased my pack of bathing cloths, how do I know if they expired?

Pharma-C-Wipes Water-Activated Bathing Cloths will not expire and do not have an expiration date. The lot code printed on the pack is for manufacturing tracking purposes only. If you have further questions, please contact us and we will help determine when the product was manufactured.

When I use this product, sometimes it gets onto bedding or clothing, what should I do?

An additional benefit of this product is that you do not need to worry when it comes into contact with fabrics. Just simply allow the wet area to air dry.

Where can I buy Pharma-C Water Activated Bathing Cloths?

Pharma-C Water Activated Bathing Cloths are available through a number trusted retailers, both online and in stores.

Online: Amazon, Kroger, McKesson, Medline, Ocelco, Walgreens, and Walmart

In-Store: Walgreens and Walmart

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