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Our very first product was truly born out of a personal need. The brand founder, John Carroll Rushing, was undergoing treatment for skin cancer and frequently applied hydrogen peroxide to his inflamed skin. But the process was messy and wasteful – liquid dripped and spilled all over and the cotton balls weren’t large enough for the job. Mr. Rushing’s background as a chemical engineer and inventor got him thinking that there had to be a better way. And so, in 2005 the Pharma-C-Wipes Brand was born!  Soon, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes and Witch Hazel Wipes were added to the Pharma-C-Wipes product line.


The Pharma-C-Wipes Brand continued to grow and attract new fans.  Unfortunately, Mr. Rushing has since passed away, but his spirit of innovation lives on and the team at Pharma-C continues to build the brand and remains committed to providing high quality products. Over the years, we have added additional products to address specific health and personal care concerns and recently, we changed our name to The Pharma-C Company to better represent our product offering.


But to this day, we remain focused on the original Brand Purpose: to help people care for themselves and the ones they love.

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